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WP Volunteers
Final listing of volunteers for the Invitational.
McLennan Water Polo Invitational

1.  Set-up:  Keefe, Tate, Caldwell, Mondro

2.  Three (3) adults at the score table:  Friday, Sept. 26 
     3pm game:  Merk, Caldwell, & _Doherty___   Drew, Zim
     4pm game:  Merk, Caldwell, & __Doherty__   Megan, Maddie
     5pm game:  Merk, Caldwell, & _Doherty___
     6pm game:  Merk, Caldwell, & __Doherty__  Carly, Christine
     7pm game:  VLyons, _Skopin_____  &  _Engelhart___  Natlie, Kadie
     8pm game:  VLyons, _Skopin_____  &  _Engelhart__  Liz, Caroline
     9pm game:  _Skopin______ & _Engelhart___ & _Engelhart___
     Saturday, September 27:
     7am game:  Merk, Caldwell, & _Isaacs____
     8am game:  Merk, Caldwell, & _Isaacs____ Catherine, Regan
     9am game:  Merk, Caldwell, & _KReed_____ Marisa, Katie Y
     10a game:   Merk, Caldwell, & _Doherty___ Ally, Ali
     11a game:   Merk, Caldwell, & _Doherty___ Cathryn C, Lindsay
     12n game:   Merk, Caldwell, & _Doherty___  Jenna, Katie R
     1pm game:  VLyons, __Fischer____ & __Engelhart__ Sophie, Brianna 
     2pm game:  VLyons, __Engelhart__ & _Engelhart___
     3pm game:  _Engelhart___ & __Engelhart_ & ___________  Erin, Jamie
     4pm game:  _Doherty_____ & _Girten_____ & ___Girten___ Jen, Anna
     5pm game:  __Girten_____ & __Girten____ & _Chuey______
     6pm game:  __Chuey______ & ____________ & ____________ 

3.  Hospitality/Concessions/T-shirts - Friday and Saturday: Tameris, Fischer
     Concessions/T-shirt sales:  Friday, Sept. 26:
     2:30p to 5:00p: _Schramm________ & __KReed____& BRuff
     5:00p to 7:00p: __Wall__________ & _Heltman______
     7:00p to 9:00p __Chuey__________& _Heltman_____
     Saturday, Sept 27:
     6:30a to 9:30a __Chuey__________& __Schramm_____
     9:30a to 12:30__Bresnahan______ &___Conners_____
    12:30p to 3:30__Wall____________&__AReed________
     3:30p to 6:30__James___________ &__Skopin_______

4.  Items needed for concessions:
     Baggie/snack size of fruit and veggies:  Heltman, Mondro & __Wall___& _Skopin, Touvelle
Cold Pasta Salad (large amount/Stock Pot Bowl):  _Engelhart__& _Touvelle_
     Cookies: Engelhart , lollipops: Heltman 
     Baked Potatoes and toppings:  Tate
     Paper Product and Utensils:  Tameris
     Ice:  Tameris
5:  Items needed for hospitality (to feed all coaches and officials during this 2-day event)
     Fruit Tray (Friday) _Tate____ ,  Fruit Tray (Saturday) Bitzer, & Veggie Tray _Fischer__
     Dessert _Chuey _& __Merk_______ & __Reed___
     Chips __Schramm_______ Doritos _Bresnahan____ Pretzels _Doherty____
     Appetizer Dish __Merk_(Friday)____ & __BRuff (Friday), KReed - Saturday
    Powerade 8 pack:  _Fischer_& __Conners__ & _Wall_x 3 & __Alemango_____
     Bottled water:  __Chuey__& __Doherty___ & __Caldwell__& Alemango
    2 -2-Litre Pop - _Tameris &__Chuey___&_Isaacs__&__Bitzer__&_Skopin___& Alemango
    Paper Products and Utensils:  Tameris
    Juice: Tate & Coffee: Tate



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