2017-2018 National Team Athlete Announces

Katie Ledecky and Caeleb Dressel

USA Swimming Today has finally announced the long anticipated 115 members of the 2017-2018 National Team. This complete USA Swimming National Team roster honors the nation's top swimmers according to this year's performances. The roster reveals the top six swimmers that will represent the USA in each individual Olympic event.

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Top 3 Waterproof Fitness Trackers

Sycamore Swimming - Garmin VivoActive

If you are looking to get in shape, lose weight or improve your health and fitness, swimming is one of the most beneficial and rewarding forms of exercise you can do. It is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise but is also great for resistance training as you can strengthen your heart, burn calories, lose weight and build and tone muscles in the process.

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How to Choose a Swim Cap

Sycamore Swimming - Speedo Latex, Silicone and Lycra Swim Caps

Left to Right - Speedo Latex, Silicone and Lycra Swim Caps

In this article, we want to introduce you the most complete guide to choosing the best swim caps for the whole family.

Swim caps are generally manufactured from three specific materials - latex, silicone, and/or lycra. While latex may be the most affordable swim cap material on the market, silicon swim caps are definitely the strongest. Either way swim caps definitely speed up your stroke and keep your hair from getting in the way of your stride. Read further on below for the full breakdown and 411 on swim caps.

The Top 4 Advantages of Swim Caps

Hair Protection from Harsh Pool Chemicals

One study conducted by University of Waterloo scientists concluded that when human hair is exposed to chlorine for long periods of time it becomes damaged. Luckily, swim caps limit the amount of chlorinated water that comes in contact with your hair (when correctly fitted).

Keeps Your Hair Under Control

Long hair has proven to be extremely problematic as one swims. It can obstruct your vision and impair your breathing when it gets into your eyes and nostrils. Well-fitted swim caps solve this problem entirely as it holds your hair tightly back as you swim. Plus, latex or silicone caps are easily adjustable to ensure that your hair is protected at all times.


Highly competitive swimmers are athletes constantly concerned with efficiency. One way to eliminate drag and become a more effective swimmer is by utilizing a swim cap you race.

Top Brand Technology

Top swim companies like Speedo are constantly improving competitive swimwear accessories and supplying them to customers all across the globe. Everyday these companies are looking to meet customers demands and expectations to expand and advance their range of products. Speedo, notably, is at the top of the swimming technology period when it comes to style and quality.

The 4 Most Common Types of Swim Caps


Nylon swim caps are great for swimmers with long hair but are not popular in the professional world of swimming because of their drag factor. Unfortunately, nylon caps also allow more water than usual to flow through them, which ideally leaves swimmers hair overly exposed to chlorine and other harsh pool chemicals. Swimmers are attracted to nylon caps because of their ease and comfortability.


Latex caps are extremely popular in the world of swimming. Not only are latex swim caps cooler than silicone caps, they also do not slip as around as easily. However, swimmers who practice daily will recycle through latex caps quickly because they stretch and tear in as little as a couple of weeks post purchase date.

Flat Silicone

Flat silicone caps are also extremely common among swimmers. This type of swim cap is slightly more expensive than that of latex or Nylon but flat silicone caps are ten times more durable and cause little to no damage to a swimmer's hair as they are extremely flexible and do not pull. The thicker the silicone cap the stiffer and more proper the fit. Although silicone caps offer more flexibility and comfort, they do tend to slip more than the average latex cap.


Thermal caps are typically made of silicone and are coated in either polyurethane or nylon. Known for their ease upon placement, thermal caps cause almost no damage to the hair and provide more warmth than that of latex or silicone alone. In order to achieve maximum warmth, a swimmer should place a thermal cap underneath that of a silicon or latex cap.

3 Factors to Consider When Shopping for Your Next Swim Cap

Material Type

If you are in need of a long lasting and extremely durable swim cap then it is best to completely avoid latex swim caps. Neoprene manufactured swim caps are much more sturdy, therefore a serious swimmer should purchase either a thermal, neoprene or silicone cap.

Know the Frequency of Use

If you will only be utilizing your swim cap while on vacation or for recreational purposes then you should purchase a cost effective latex cap. However, if you are looking to utilize your swim cap on a daily basis then a silicone, neoprene, or lycra cap is the type for you. Each are manufactured from highly durable material meant for frequent usage.

Calculate Your Hair Length and Head Size

If you have longer hair or dreadlocks, do not fear, there are specially designed swim caps on the market for you. The goal is to prevent your beautiful from coming into contact with the harshly chlorinated water. Do not be the buyer that complains about buying too small of a cap. It is your responsibility to know your correct capsize that will best suit your hair.

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