2017-2018 National Team Athlete Announces

Katie Ledecky and Caeleb Dressel

USA Swimming Today has finally announced the long anticipated 115 members of the 2017-2018 National Team. This complete USA Swimming National Team roster honors the nation's top swimmers according to this year's performances. The roster reveals the top six swimmers that will represent the USA in each individual Olympic event.

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Top 3 Waterproof Fitness Trackers

Sycamore Swimming - Garmin VivoActive

If you are looking to get in shape, lose weight or improve your health and fitness, swimming is one of the most beneficial and rewarding forms of exercise you can do. It is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise but is also great for resistance training as you can strengthen your heart, burn calories, lose weight and build and tone muscles in the process.

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Top 10 Best Swim Goggles

10. Tracer Racing Metallized Goggle by TYR
Sycamore Swimming - Tracer Racing Metallized Goggle by TYR

Designed with the racer in mind, the TYR Tracer goggles were built to provide optimal speed by reducing as much drag as possible. These high quality goggles fit snugly yet gently into the eye socket due to their soft silicone material. Plus, they come equipped with several different nose pieces to allow swimmers the option of picking the style that suits them best. The TYR Tracer Racing Metallized Goggles also offer a remarkable range of peripheral vision which is extremely ideal for competitive swimming.

9. Kayenne Goggle by Aqua Sphere
Sycamore Swimming - Kayenne Goggle by Aqua Sphere

Equipped with standard UV protection, anti-fog treatment, and a impeccable leak resistant formulation - the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle is a top notch purchase option. Furthermore, the Kayenne google features a stabilized nose bridge and is available in the neutral color of gray.

8. Speed Socket Swim Goggle by Speedo
Sycamore Swimming - Speed Socket Swim Goggle by Speedo

Competitive swimmers will absolutely adore the Speed Socket Swim Goggle by Speedo. Their ultra low profile design ensures minimal drag which is ideal for the swimmer looking for ways to increase their racing time. The Speed socketís special soft silicone gasket design allows the goggles to fit directly into the eye sockets making it virtually impossible for them to come off during competition. Not only are the Speedo Speed Socket Swim Goggles extraordinarily comfortable, they also come equipped with multiple size nose pieces allowing each swimmer to create a customized fit.

7. Seal Mask by Aqua Sphere
Sycamore Swimming - Seal Swim Mask by Aqua Sphere

The Seal Mask by Aqua Sphere is commonly regarded as a hybrid cross between that of a snorkeling mask and goggle due to its larger profile. However, unlike snorkeling masks the Seal Mask does not cover the nose. These goggles were created for swimmers who train in turbulent waters and need fuller face coverage.

6. Swimple by TYR
Sycamore Swimming - Swimple Swim Goggles by TYR

The Kids Swimple swim goggles, hence the name, are extremely simple to use thanks to their effortless adjustment release button. These goggles come equipped with soft silicone gasket technology as well as a solid nosepiece. Plus, they are available in several fun colors.

5. Hydrospex by Speedo
Sycamore Swimming - Hydrospex by Speedo

Ideal for beginning swimmers, the Hydrospex by Speedo are awfully easy to use and notably lightweight. These comfortable goggles sport a speedfit clip back strap making adjustment painless. Additionally, the Speedo Hydrospex feature wide gaskets as well as a solid nosepiece and come in several different colors and sizes great for children and adults alike.

4. Technoflex 4.0 Performance by TYR
Sycamore Swimming - Technoflex 4.0 Performance by TYR

The TYR Technoflex goggles are equipped with uncomplicated side adjust fit clips, a solid nosepiece, and soft silicone gaskets. Similar to most other high-end swimming goggles, the TYR Technoflex are created with comfort in mind and come in a variety of colors.

3. The Swedish Two-Pack Swim Goggle by Speedo
Sycamore Swimming - The Swedish Two-Pack Swim Goggle by Speedo

Swedish goggles are typically designed for the experienced competitive swimmer looking for a specialized fit and the Speedo Swedish Two-Pack Swim Goggles are no exception. These goggles offer swimmers a clear view promoting an excellent field of vision. Keep in mind that the goggles are completely assembled by the user and are not equipped with a soft eye cushioning.(the 2-pack of Swedish Speedo Goggles are available only through Amazon)

2. Kaiman Goggles by Aqua Sphere
Sycamore Swimming - Kaiman Goggles by Aqua Sphere

Perfect for open water adult recreation swimmers, the Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles offer a 180 degree visibility level, easy-adjust fit buckles, and ridiculously soft eye gaskets. These wider shape mask like goggles features a silicon nose bridge ideal for maximum comfort. The Kaiman Goggles by Aqua Sphere are available for both adults and children in a multitude of sizes.

1. Vanquisher by Speedo
Sycamore Swimming - Vanquisher Goggles by Speedo

The Vanquisher goggles by Speedo are found largely appealing by competitive and recreational swimmers alike. With their comfortably soft yet direct gasket fit and four nosepiece styles to choose from anyone would be lucky to own a pair of Speedo Vanquisher goggles. These high end goggles are available for men, women, and juniors. Plus, there are newer versions of the googles set to be released that are even more lightweight than the originals.

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