2017-2018 National Team Athlete Announces

Katie Ledecky and Caeleb Dressel

USA Swimming Today has finally announced the long anticipated 115 members of the 2017-2018 National Team. This complete USA Swimming National Team roster honors the nation's top swimmers according to this year's performances. The roster reveals the top six swimmers that will represent the USA in each individual Olympic event.

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Top 3 Waterproof Fitness Trackers

Sycamore Swimming - Garmin VivoActive

If you are looking to get in shape, lose weight or improve your health and fitness, swimming is one of the most beneficial and rewarding forms of exercise you can do. It is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise but is also great for resistance training as you can strengthen your heart, burn calories, lose weight and build and tone muscles in the process.

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Top Unknown Swimsuit Brands

  • Sycamore Swimming - Cali Dreaming Swimwear

    Cali Dreaming Swimwear

  • Sycamore Swimming - HDH Swimwear

    Hackwith Design House Swimwear

  • Sycamore Swimming - Giejo Swimwear

    Giejo Swimwear

  • Sycamore Swimming - San Lorenzo Bikinis

    San Lorenzo Bikinis

  • Sycamore Swimming - Kiini Swimwear

    Kiini Swimwear

  • Sycamore Swimming - Zulu and Zephyr Swimwear

    Zulu and Zephyr Swimwear

  • Sycamore Swimming - We Are Handsome Swimwear

    We Are Handsome Swimwear

  • Sycamore Swimming - One Teaspoon Swimwear

    One Teaspoon Swimwear

  • Sycamore Swimming - Sea Dreamer Swimwear

    Sea Dreamer Swimwear

Cali Dreaming

This company is making waves, so if you don't know their swimwear brand, it'll only be a matter of time. Their suits have been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Addition and for a good reason. This is a fashion forward company that literally makes something for everyone. They have neutral suits as well as a variety of hand-painted, printed options.

Hackwith Design House

If you can't find the perfect swimwear because you're a minimalist this is the company for you. These bathing suits are made up of neutrals and there is no color or pattern that you can mix-and-match pieces from the entire collection. These suits look slim and sleek on the body yet the line has been designed with curves in mind.


When the owner became frustrated about not being able to find a bathing suit the fashion forward print, she did something about it. She created her own line. This line offers interchangeable swim separates with versatile patterns and figure flattering silhouettes. You will want to buy these suits and multiples.

San Lorenzo Bikinis

These are anything but basic bikinis. This line started in Lima Peru in 1991 and carries intricate designs such as braided bikini bottoms and interlace high neck tops with bright, bold colors.


This line of fashion swimsuits is what girls love. It is a New York-based company that have many top" it" girls wearing their product. There are teeny-weeny bikinis using handmade crochet, elastic and other high-tech fabrics because there are never any clasps, buttons or ties for a most comfortable fit.

Zulu and Zephyr

Australians typically know how to make a killer swimsuit. This Australian brand has produced swimwear for any beach bum. There are leopard print bikinis, high waisted bottoms and halter neck one pieces. It's almost difficult just to choose one.

We Are Handsome

Another Australian company for design swimsuits with graphic prints and vivid colors. Many stars have been seen in their suits such as Beyonce or Rihanna.

One Teaspoon

This company makes great denim shorts but they also make cool bathing suits. You definitely would find them on the risque side but if you want something different this is the company for you.

Sea Dreamer

If you're all about feminine details and delicate touches this is the bikini for you. You'll find stunning hand crocheted one pieces and tops that double as a crop top.

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